I went to the beach today.

It was fantastic. 
Though, as soon as we got there, a huge cloud blocked out the sun. It was a bit chilly, but what ever. Still went swimming. I just got less of the sun burn I was expecting. lol  Lots of random cold spots though.
I gave Andy wet boob marks from an awesome running hug. xD Later he almost died when these people showed up with cute doggies. 
I mostly enjoyed catching up with my dear Cina. c:  (Was fabulous getting to see you, and I think your new lady friend might get stolen from you by Maizy. lol)
I even talked to my ex a bit, which was nice. He was pleasant, and I even gave him a hug before we all left. Though that sent some mixed signals (to me) cus he picked me up off the ground when he hugged me, like he used to when we were dating. BUT what ever. Hugs are always nice and I got lots of them from all my friends today and I’m just really thrilled and happy with today’s events. 

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  1. caaesura said: I was at that beach too! In Linwood? I saw Matt there and probably left before you came! :c
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